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Celebrating 25 Years Together...   and You -- Our Loyal Customers!
  Each of our pieces is lovingly branded with a Pearl Inlay--
Our Certificate of Authenticity.
  Actual finish colors and hand distressing may vary from photos.


NEW — Wood Look Non-Combustible Mantel Shelves! This Mantel Can Take the Heat!
Patent Pending.
The look of real wood in a non-combustible mantel shelf! For use indoors or out! Strong, light-weight, weather-resistant, and easy to hang! Patent Pending.
StarburstLittle River Finish
Little River
48", 60", and 72" lengths.
StarburstFontana Finish
48", 60", and 72" lengths.
NEW — Zachary Non-Combustible Mantel Shelves! This Mantel Can Take the Heat!
Patent Pending.
For use indoors or out! Strong, light-weight, weather-resistant, and easy to hang! Patent Pending.
StarburstZachary - Whitewash Finish
Zachary White
Whitewash Finish. 48", 60", and 72" lengths.
StarburstZachary - Graywash Finish
Zachary Gray
Graywash Finish. 48", 60", and 72" lengths.
Actual finish colors and finishing may vary from photos.
These pieces are hand made and hand finished. No two pieces will look exactly alike -- individual masterpieces!

NEW — Marshall MDF Surround
The all-new 540 Marshall MDF surround features mulit-tiered, intricate moldings
giving this surround a classic look that will bring you living space to life.

starburst svg540 Marshall MDF Surround

540 clip
MDF. Available in White Painted Finish. 48" and 56" Opening Widths.
NEW — Acacia Shelf!
The all-new 492 Acacia Shelf features wood from the Acacia tree, which is durable, colorful, quick growing and sustainable.
starburst svg492 Acacia - Natural Finish

Natural Acacia Wood Finish. 48", 60", and 72" lengths.
starburst svg492 Acacia - Weathered Finish

Weathered Finish Acacia Wood. 48", 60", and 72" lengths.
Pearl Lifestyle Scenes

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  • 110 Williamsburg shown finished
  • 111 Alamo shown finished
  • 120 Windsor shown painted ecru
  • 134 Deauville #30 Fruitwood finish
  • 140 Classique painted
  • 159 Princeton
  • 201 Open
  • 211 Open
  • 412 Shenandoah #09 Farmhouse finish
  • 412 Shenandoah #10 Dune Distressed finish
  • 412 Shenandoah #20 Espresso Distressed finish
  • 412 Shenandoah #50 Medium Rustic Distressed finish
  • 412 Shenandoah #70 Cherry Rustic Distressed finish
  • 416 Devonshire #70 Cherry Distressed finish
  • 418 Homestead #90 Antique finish
  • 420 Savannah #15 Taos finish
  • 490 Lindon #70 Cherry Distressed finish
  • 495 Auburn #70 Cherry Distressed finish
  • 496 Lexington #50 Medium Rustic Distressed finish
  • 497 Celeste #10 Dune Distressed finish
  • 497 Celeste #20 Espresso Distressed finish
  • 499 Hadley #27 Cottage finish
  • 510 Newport MDF white paint
  • 520 Berkley MDF white paint
  • 525 Mike MDF Surround white paint
  • 540 Marshall MDF white paint
  • 550 Richmond MDF white paint
  • 610 Henry MDF black paint
  • 610 Henry MDF white paint
  • 612 Sarah MDF black paint. Patent Pending.
  • 612 Sarah MDF linen distressed finish. Patent Pending.
  • 618 Crestwood MDF brown paint
  • 618 Crestwood MDF white paint
  • 618 Crestwood MDF black paint
  • Non-combustible Mantel Little River
  • Non-combustible Mantel Fontana
  • Non-combustible Mantel Whitewash
  • Non-combustible Mantel Whitewash
  • 870 Reclaimed Driftwood Solid Heart Pine
  • 870 Reclaimed Whiskey Solid Heart Pine
  • 900 Solid Cedar Log shelf
  • Perfection Stone Shelf Leather finish
  • Perfection Stone Shelf Natural finish
  • Perfection Stone Shelf Safari finish
  • Perfection Stone Shelf Smoke finish

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Note: For all surrounds and shelves: hardware is not included to attach the hanger board to the mounting surface.

Pearl Mantels is a leading manufacturer of fine furniture quality wood and MDF mantels, shelves, reclaimed wood shelves, adjustable mantels and shelves for the fireplace and the home. Pearl also manufactures (patent pending) non-combustible shelves and a line of cast stone shelving for indoor and outdoor use. With over 25 mantel and shelf designs, Pearl continues to innovate and design furniture quality products that meet the needs of consumers, designers, home builders and contractors. When you decorate your home, pick a Pearl. Visit our distributor page or search the internet to find a Pearl Mantels dealer near you. Copyright © Pearl Mantels Corporation ®. All rights reserved.