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  Actual finish colors and hand distressing may vary from photos.



Detail Views

No.110 Williamsburg

48" and 56" Opening Widths. Wood mantel.
Available Unfinished only. Paint and stain grade.

Shown Finished.
Actual finish colors and hand distressing may vary from photos.

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Detail Views: 110 Williamsburg Unfinished
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Mantel Specifications
Available Unfinished only

No. 110 Williamsburg 110-48 110-56

Projection: 1.5" 1.5"

Interior Width: 48" 56"

Interior Height: 42" 42"

Width to outside leg at base: 60.5" 68.5"

Depth of leg at bottom: 3.75" 3.75"

Shelf Length: 64" 72"

Shelf Depth: 8" 8"

Overall Height: 52" 52"

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Mantels are hand painted, hand distressed and Cast Stone mantels are hand poured. Actual finish colors, textures and distressing may vary from photos.
Note: For all surrounds and shelves: hardware is not included to attach the hanger board to the mounting surface.

Pearl Mantels is a leading manufacturer of fine furniture quality wood and MDF mantels, shelves, and adjustable mantels and shelves for the fireplace and the home. Pearl also manufactures (patented) non-combustible shelves, (patent pending) non-combustible surrounds, and a line of cast stone shelving for indoor and outdoor use.  With over 30 mantel and shelf designs, Pearl continues to innovate and design furniture quality products that meet the needs of consumers, designers, home builders and contractors. When you decorate your home, pick a Pearl. Visit our distributor page or search the internet to find a Pearl Mantels dealer near you. Copyright © Pearl Mantels Corporation ® . All rights reserved.